Fuel supply(for LF481 engine)
Код Номер на картинке Наименование Наименование
BAC1104030 1 Hose connecting fuel tube and nozzle
Q67512 2 Hoop
LBA1130107B1 3 Hose V
B1130300 4 Fuel valve
BAC1130152 5 Hose connecting canister and control vavle
B1130200 6 Can Canister
B1130151 7 Hose connecting canister and reflux tube
Q67512 8 Throttle cable
Q1400630 9 Hex bolt?taper springness washer and flat washer
B1108100 10 Accelerator pedal assy.
B1104020 11 Fuel tube
B1130110 12 Tube connecting fuel tank and canister
B1104251 13 Clamp
B1130120 14 Hose connecting fuel tank and canister
B1117020 15 Fuel tank reflux pipe and fuel tube connecting component
B1117010 16 Fuel filter hose
L1117100 17 Fuel filter
Q67516 18 Hoop
Q1410616L 19 Hex bolt and taper springness washer
B1132200 20 Cavity resonator
Q32006 21 Hex flange nut