Exhaust system(for LF481 engine)
Код Номер на картинке Наименование Наименование
LAL1200018 1 Front gasket
231-1030TF30 2 Hex flange bolt
BAC1205100 3 Exhaust purifier,fore part
Q1410616 4 Hex bolt and taper springness washer
Q2006 5 Hex flange nut
B1211510 6 Setting bolt spring assy.
B1211511 6-1 Bolt
B1211512 6-2 Pressure spring
B1211112 7 Ball shape gasket
B1211522 8 Rear muffler rubber block
B1211521 9 Front muffler rubber block
BAC1205200 10 Exhaust purifier,rear part
B1211525 11 Exhaust pipe bracket
Q32006 12 Hex flange nut
Q32206 13 Hex bolt and taper springness washer
B1208012 14 Exhaust pipe heat insulater I
B1208011 15 Exhaust pipe heat insulater II
B1208013 16 Exhaust pipe heat insulater III
B1201200 17 Rear muffler
B1211526 18 Heat insulater washer
Q350B06 19 Hex nut
B1208014 20 Exhaust pipe heat insulater IV